CryptoCurrency with centralized security and control.
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  • Distributed.
  • Transparent to all.
  • Immutable.
  • Anonymouse (users and transactions).

Each node:

  1. Is a Partner.
  2. Provides security and transparency.
  3. Is a unique, secure, redundant copy of all coins and transactions that are chained together.
  4. Uses a unique encryption key (CORA MUP).
  • Individual transactions.
  • Inexpensive to operate.
  • Fast – may process thousands of transactions per second.
  • Prevents the double spend problem.

Each transaction in every node is:

  1. Centrally controlled.
  2. A single catalog connecting the distributed CORA blocs.
  3. Green – energy friendly and inexpensive.
  4. Immutable – belongs to a Blockchain.
  • Fast
  • Encourages good cyber hygiene.
  • The Keys are dispersed – only exists in memory (not on a single device).
  • Quantum safe encryption.
  • Unbreakable when properly implemented.

Using the CORA API:

  1. Probabilistic encryption (safe from Quantum Computers).
  2. Makes hacking irrelevant.
  3. Encryption that varies in length, beginning at 1 Million bits.
  4. Distributed and Centralized (centrally controlled, so that an individual file can be shut down while a new and unique solution is created - self healing technology).